Bootleg Audio
Circa 1970’s – 80’s

These vintage recordings feature live performances from some of the most influential artists of the day, whose work defined the Jazz Fusion genre in its formative stages.

When launched in 2006, this page featured recordings that were captured mostly from FM radio broadcasts in Europe and Japan.  I’d acquired copies of these and other shows on analog cassette tape in 1996-1997 when I was active in the tape trading world.  I converted about 75 hours of audio tape to digital format (cassette  –> .wav  –> .wma) to be posted and shared at this site.

Since then I’ve posted an additional 1700+ hours of audio, acquired from a number of trades, and from the Sugarmegs archive.  With the help of many contributors, this collection has expanded to become the Web’s largest open-access source for non-commercial, vintage Jazz Fusion recordings. 

The fidelity of the sound is generally imperfect, but the importance of this music can clearly be heard.  

Please note that these recordings have never been intended for commercial release. This music has not been, nor ever will be for sale, on sale, set sail, bought, sold, rolled or plundered. This music was recorded by fans; collected, copied, traded or given, with no monies exchanged.

This collection is presented here in that same spirit of sharing, and may not be used for any commercial purpose.

If you have some similar vintage Jazz Fusion audio that you’d like to share, please let me know

Mac users can play downloaded wma files using this freeware.

Happy listening!

Rich Rivkin